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If you are a person with roots in and ties to Bengal, this is a cause that needs your attention and support:

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Once, Kolkata was a jewel in the crown of Indian medical treatment.  It was the ultimate destination for 300 million people of eastern India and Bangladesh for their medical needs.  Today, this is no longer so.  When people in this region are afflicted with any neurosurgical problem, they rush to Vellore, Mumbai or Delhi, which are at least a thousand miles away.  Those who cannot afford this, have to rely on their fate.  Even those who are financially better off and suffer from sudden stroke or head injury are totally helpless as they need dedicated care and appropriate facilities.

Moved by this distressing scenario and relying on financial support from friends here and abroad, world-renowned neurosurgeon, Dr. R.P. "Robin" Sengupta, embarked on a "Mission" to provide a totally integrated and comprehensive Neurosciences Center in Kolkata.  The Institute of Neurosciences or I-NK was established on a non-profit basis.  Today, it is a center with all the facilities and care that are available in the advanced cities in India.  In addition, neurosurgeons, neurologists, anaesthetists and intensivists are present in the hospital round-the-clock for providing continuity of specialized care.

Impressed with our mission, the Hon'ble Chief Minister of West Bengal, Shri Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee agreed to become the Patron-in-Chief.  The well known builder, Larson and Toubro undertook the construction of the hospital which was completed in 2010.  A dedicated group of neurosurgeons, neurologists and other experts who were trained either abroad or in the most prestigious Institutions in India are attached to the hospital.  We want to bring back to the people of this region the credibility in neurosciences to encourage them to stay in Kolkata for their treatment.

The project requires funds for continuing its operations.  We appeal to you for financial support for this noble task.  Donations can be made in honour or memory of loved ones. 

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Neurosciences Foundation Ltd.
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Institute of Neurosciences Kolkata
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